Sustainability Efforts

We encourage the below practices for proper disposal of our FYC materials.

Our DVD screeners are polycarbonate plastic, which falls into the "7" category of plastics. Most city and municipal systems that accept 1-7 plastics should accept DVDs for recycling, but we recommend calling first to confirm.


Our Netflix Awards Office is also happy to assist in the proper disposal of your Netflix DVD screeners through our recycling program. To participate, please ship your screeners to the address below.

Netflix Awards Office
5808 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028

You can request a pre-paid postage label here.

The screeners will be collected, transported, physically destroyed, and its material is diverted from the landfill to be properly recycled.

Our scripts, postcards, and letters are also printed on recycled paper, and can be disposed of in your community recycling bins.